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La Gemme -- is a jewelry brand with natural precious gems, semi-precious gems, freshwater pearls and Italian chains, that delicately place accents in the image and complement the multifaceted and interesting personality of each woman. Our collections include designs from exquisite vintage pieces to contemporary modern designs and children jewelry.

In addition, we present a wide selection of rhodium plated jewelry, making it affordable for those who are allergic to silver. Rhodium metal is completely hypoallergenic and similar in properties to platinum. The advantage of this metal is that your jewelry is protected from darkening, scratches/abrasions and obtain a beautiful luster.

Lifetime Warranty

We´re incredibly proud of our craftmanship and offer a lifetime warranty on all our products.

We stand behind the quality and your purchasing happiness. Your satisfaction is Granteed!

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18K Rose Gold + Pearls

Our pearl jewelry for women features traditional designs like a single pearl necklace, along with new modern takes that will have you reimagining this jewelry classic.

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...extraordinary gifts that last a lifetime

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Moissanite Diamond


A gemstone setting technique that allows diamonds to sparkle by relying on slight movements of the human body. The technique was named "Dancing Stone" because the gemstone appears to be dancing.

Dancing stone, a registered product of Crossfor, moves the diamond finely, gently, and elegantly, will make you shine brighter then ever.

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